PathBuilder - open source Software for Annotating and Developing Pathway Resources

HOW-TO: Using the Application Programming Interface (API)

PathBuilder is installed and running in the http://localhost:8080/PathBuilder.
If you have a qualified domain name or an IP, the URL should be changed accordingly.

The API can be accessed through the URL: http://localhost:8080/PathBuilder/api.

URL Parameters

1. The primary URL parameter for the API is requestType.

2. To download the list of Pathways available:
   - http://localhost:8080/PathBuilder/api?requestType=pathwayList
   - This returns the available pathways along with their pathway_id

3. To download the pathway data:
   - In BioPAX 2.0 format: 
   - In PSI-MI 2.5 format: 
   - In SBML 2.1 format: 

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