PathBuilder - open source Software for Annotating and Developing Pathway Resources

System Requirements

PathBuilder can be installed on Linux, Windows or Mac OS X. The basic requirements are:

1.	Zope application server []
	a. Version 2.7.2 or higher.
2.	MySQL server []
	a. Version 3.2 or higher.
3.	Python programming language []
	a. Version 2.3 or higher.
Please verify that all the installed applications are working.


1.	Create a folder .PathBuilder_SRC. in your home directory or any other preferred directory.
2.	Download the latest version of PathBuilder (
	and save in "$HOME/PathBuilder_SRC"
3.	Unzip the This has following components:
	a. "bin" folder containing python scripts for installation
	b. PathBuilder.zexp
4.	Copy or move the file .PathBuilder.zexp. to "$ZOPE_INSTANCE/import/".
5.	Unzip "". This will give a folder named .Extensions.. Copy or move all the Python scripts in
	the "$HOME/PathBuilder/Extensions/" to "$ZOPE_INSTANCE/import/".
6.	Start MySQL Server, create a database .PathBuilder. and a user account with username "pathbuilder" and
	password "password". This user must have permission to create new tables as well as drop existing tables. For more
	details please visit
7.	Go to "$HOME/PathBuilder/bin/". Run the script.
	a. > cd bin/
	b. > python
8.	Go to http://localhost:8080/manage_main
9.	Click the .Import/Export. button. Type .PathBuilder.zexp. in the .Import file name. textbox and for ownership,
	select "Take ownership of imported objects" and click "Import" button.
10.	Restart Zope server.
11.	To check the installation of PathBuilder Annotation Tool, open a web browser 
        and go to: http://localhost:8080/PathBuilder
12.	To check the installation of PathBuilder Pathway Resource, open a web browser 
        and go to: http://localhost:8080/PathBuilder/home

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